Rotary is “Humanity in Motion”.  Would you like to get involved with this dynamic organisation?
Here are several ways to engage Rotary, from becoming a member to supporting its many programmes.

You need Rotary because

  • You care about your community and want to be involved with people who share your commitment.
  • You like to be associated with people and ideas that really make a difference in your world.
  • You believe in service. You know that our world is enriched by women and men like yourself, and you want to do your part.
  • You have talents that you are willing to share.
  • You like to have fun. You like to be around people who enjoy what they are doing, whether working, or volunteering, or just socialising.

Rotary needs you because

  • Rotary needs talented people like you to be an effective organisation serving  their community.
  • You are a  leader in your community. Whether you are outgoing or reserved, Rotary needs leaders like you.
  • Rotary needs people with new energy and new ideas.
  • Rotary is a highly regarded international organisation that makes things happen – locally, nationally, and internationally.  But, nothing happens without the efforts of people like you,
There is a Rotary club near you.  Just go to the CLUBS section of this website and locate a club in your area.  In some communities there will be several clubs, each with its own character, projects, and focus.
There are several ways to engage your local Rotary club.  You are welcome at Rotary clubs regular meetings. Participating in a club project or event is a good way to experience your local Rotary club, first-hand.  You may personally know a member of Rotary.  Talk to her/him and don’t be reluctant to ask straightforward questions about their club and what being in Rotary means to them.